The UK is entering a new phase in politics after decades of stability. The old order appears to be crumbling at the edges. Nowadays the talk is more about changes on the horizon, rather than pomp and circumstance at Buckingham Palace and Westminster. We thought it would be interesting to follow these trends in an overview of British politics at a central point, and report on them as they evolve.

The Big Issue: Will Brexit be Hard or Soft?British_PMs_2011

No overview of British politics could possibly be complete without an analysis of Brexit. The referendum showed how people on the fringe of politics could effect major political change by voting outside of party lines. The country could be at the receiving end of ‘not your way but mine’ for the first time in many years. Britain has not really stood alone like this since 1939.

Other Critical Issues in an Overview of British Politics

Britain was already confronting the baby boom, climate change, and the worldwide economic recession before Brexit came, along with the refugee crisis that sparked it all in the first place. Until then, it was in a semi-comfort zone cushioned between the Euro Zone and a ‘special relationship’ with the United States. These support systems may be crumbling too.

What Will This Do to British Party Politics?

The Labour and Conservative Parties were traditionally two sides of the same coin. Every time they exchanged power, national policy adjusted around a stable core. Our overview of British politics examines the future of this unspoken truce. We are curious to know the extent to which senior role players will pull together. How will they steer Britain through the challenging Post Brexit era that lies ahead?